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English as a Second Language (ESL)
El programa es de cinco niveles para colocar el estudiante en su propio nivel de eficiencia y de esta manera incrementar su competencia comunicativa. El objetivo de estos cursos está en la enseñanza de la compresión auditiva, expresión oral, compresión de lectura, escritura, y gramática. Los estudiantes serán inmersos en un estándar de inglés y a un nivel que sea significativo y comprendido. De esta manera iniciar el proceso del aprendizaje en este lenguaje.

The program is comprised of five levels to accommodate student proficiency and increase communicative competence. The focus of these courses is listening, speaking, reading, conversation, writing and grammar. Students will be immersed in authentic and standard English at a level that is meaningful and comprehensible while being actively involved in the language learning process.

Refund Policy

Eight Week Sessions

100% Prior to the first class day

70% During class days one (1) through three (3)

25% During class days four (4) through seven (7)

0 After the seventh (7) class day

Horario de reembolso de matrícula

Sesiones de ocho (8) semanas

100% antes del primer día de clase.

70% Durante los días de clase uno (1) a tres (3)

25% Durante los días de clase cuatro (4) a siete (7)

0 Después del séptimo (7) día de clases.

GED Preparation
The course is an 8 week session that will help you develop the math, writing, reading and critical thinking skills you'll need to succeed in passing the GED exam. This course will cover all four GED subject areas with a strong emphasis on Math and Writing skills. Students will be provided with practice tests, tips on time management and study skills.

Refund Policy


100% Prior to the first day of the week

70% During class days one (1) through two (2)

25% During class days three (3) through four (4)

0 After the fourth (4) class day


100% Prior to the first day of the week

70% During class day one (1)

25% During class day two (2)

0 After the third (3) class day



Course will cover mastering the system of sound, vocabulary, word order and fundamentals of grammar. Conversations will include culture, customs, history and literature to understand the background of Spanish language. Emphasis is on the progressive development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Prepare for fun, interactive group activities! You will make new friends and practice with role play conversations and oral exercises

Community Fitness Center Gym Pass
The Athletic Center is open to the community for fitness center and gym pass usage.
Community Gym Pass Hours: Monday to Friday 7:00am to 9:00am and 4:00pm to 9:00pm
Fitness and Nutrition Plans will be available at Welcome Desk.
Passes begin on the date of purchase; no exceptions.

Please contact our front office at (210)486-3805 to be placed on a waitlist for any closed sessions.

2018 Palo Alto College Kids Summer Camps.
2018 Palo Alto College Summer Camp refunds are available until 3pm the Wednesday prior to the start of each camp by emailing .